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Answer the two questions below (At least 150 words for each question):  Write as simple as possible


1-  Choose ONE of the following (Milgram’s shock study; Zimbardo’s Stanford Prison Experiment, or Laud Humphrey’s Tea Room Trade). Identify which study you chose, and explain what aspect(s) of the study are now considered unethical (according to ASA Research Ethics) and why. o Note: you can find links to all three of these in the Chapter 1 powerpoint file (find the attachment). o I am looking for a lengthy paragraph (150 words minimum). You should discuss what SPECIFIC ASA ethical guidelines were violated and how they were violated. 

2- How can the study of feral (wild) children on the one hand, and identical twins on the other, help to clarify the debate over the relative influence of nature versus nurture in the socialization process? o Be sure to provide an example of a feral child study and describe the twin studies before answering the rest of the question. Same length as above. Be sure to discuss how these studies impact the nature vs nurture debate.

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