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Good evening,  my name is Jesse and I reside in South Florida with my family.  I have served my community for over 18 years with a local law enforcement agency.  I am currently a supervisor in the Criminal Investigations Division.  I am pursuing a Master’s in Public Administration as to hopefully move up the ranks and leave the organization better functioning for the next generation of law enforcement administrators.  

An example of an organization not implementing strategic planning was an agency’s response to COVID.  As the pandemic began there was no plan as to how infected officers would be allowed to use workers comp, their own sick time or adminstrative time.  There were many officers who fell ill not knowing where they had contracted the virus from; adminstration unfairly chose who would receive workers comp or those who had to use their own sick time.  As time went by, officers addressed this issue with the union (rightfully so) so the adminstration would have to fairly implement adminstrative leave to all since majority of officers had in fact contracted the virus while on duty.  A study of other agencies in the area had implemented plans on how to address this issue and proved successful; the lack of the other agency not implementing plans brought morale down and led to officers not revealing if they felt ill for fear of being forced to stay out of work.  

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