8080 mod 2 assignment 1


In this Assignment, you watch a media segment highlighting social, emotional, cognitive, language, and physical development of children between the ages of birth and 2. The goals for your observation include describing, through anecdotal descriptions, developmental domains and the interrelationship between these domains.


Watch the Laureate Education media segment “How to Observe Children” in the Learning Resources. Familiarize yourself with developmental milestones for young children between the ages of birth and 2 with materials provided in the Learning Resources. Then, watch the Laureate Education media segment “Child Development: Infants and Toddlers” and complete the following:

Part 1: Observing Young Children

For the age group observed (infants and toddlers), provide the following:

Anecdotal descriptions for each of the developmental domains:

· Social-emotional

· Cognitive

· Language

· Physical

· Three anecdotal descriptions that capture the interrelationship between developmental domains

Guidelines for anecdotal descriptions: Your anecdotal descriptions provide an objective summary of what you observed in the areas of social-emotional, cognitive, language, and physical development. For each description, be sure to include specific language that captures the nuances of development. Your descriptions should focus on one or two children and be a half page to 1 page in length for each developmental area and for each description of an interrelationship.

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