Acc200 exercise 11-5 nasenko company’s cost

exercise 11-5                                                                     nasenko company’s cost and production data for two recent months included the following:                                                             march april                           production(units)   200 400                           rent      $1,800 $1,800                           utilities     $600 $1,200                           required                                   a. separately calculate the rental cost per unit and the utilities cost per unit for both march and april                 b. identify which cost is variable and which cost is fixed. Explain your answer                                                         exercise 11-17                                 agassi corporation sells products for $90 each that have variable costs of $60 per unit.agassi’s annual fixed cost is $450,000             required                                    determine the break even point in units and dollars                                                             exercise 11-18                                 lindo company incurs annual fixed cost of $80,000 variable cost for lindo’s produt are $40 per unit, and the sales price $64 per unit. Lindo desiers to earn an annual profit of $40,000 required                                   determine the sales volume in dollars and units to earn the desired profit                    

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