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1) What was your previous knowledge of the relationship between the US government and American Indians? Why might it be helpful to become familiar with the treaty relationship between the US government and American Indians?

2) What exactly were the “Secret Treaties with California’s Indians” discussed in Miller’s article? What part(s) of the article stood out to you?

3) Please discuss your thoughts/reactions to the “California Indians: A Neglected Legacy” video. What stood out to you, and why?

4) According to Chilcote’s article, what does the “California Dream” mean to indigenous peoples? What solution does she provide? 

5) What key term from last week could connect to this week’s materials, and why?

6) Lastly, please discuss any overall thoughts/reactions/connections you’d like to share.

Remember to reach the 300 word minimum requirement (total), and also remember to post at least a 150 word response to a peer’s post as well!

use these 3 sources to answer questions:

The Secret Treaties with California’s Indians:

California Indians: A Neglected Legacy:

What the California Dream Means to Indigenous Peoples:

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