Art academic essay assignment | Human Resource Management homework help


It’s time to take a stab at some of what Williams advises in our textbook. Please try your hand at an academic art essay, which is described in the textbook! I’ve shared a few below. Please write an academic essay on anything in the arts! The book also gives you some tips on structure, framework, etc. Don’t worry about matching the quality or expertise of these examples – just study them for how they’re constructed, etc. The idea is that you will argue a specific idea around something in the arts, and follow that idea through. I’m also going to attach an audio file (located in Files) with a few notes about writing academic papers! Please use at least three VERIFIABLE sources (no blogs, no Wikipedia, no Tik Tok). Email me with any questions! 

5 pages minimum, double spaced

12 point font

MLA format – this is a good resource:


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