Calculate the total time required to transfer


2. Calculate the total time required to transfer a 1.5-MB file in the following cases, assuming an RTT of 80 ms, a packet size of 1 KB data, and an initial 2 × RTT of “handshaking” before data is sent: 

   (a)  The bandwid this 10 Mbps, and data packets can be sent continuously. 


  (b)  The bandwid this 10 Mbps, but after we finishs ending each data packet we must wait one RTT before sending the next. 

  (c)  The link allows infinitely fast transmit, but limits bandwidth such that only 20 packets can be sent per RTT. 

 (d)  Zero transmit time as in(c),but during the first RTT we can send one packet, during the second RTT we can send two packets, during the third we can send four (23−1), etc.
(A justification for such an exponential increase will be given in Chapter 6.) 

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