Ccis- principle of mgmt- research paper


To become an effective manager in the 21st century, the global economy requires a commitment to professional excellence and integrity, achievable through establishing habits of self-reflection, life-long learning, and professional development. The purpose of this assignment is to reflect on where students are currently in their management and leadership capabilities and on what they have learned about effective management in this course, examine their strengths and weaknesses, and determine how they can use the four principles of management and other management theories to create value in a given organization and how they want to develop and improve as they continue their leadership and management capabilities moving forward in their chosen field.

Students will conduct a research project and synthesize findings into a six-page report, excluding cover page and reference page, with five academic or scholarly references to address these two main management objectives:

  1. Self-Leadership and Management
    • Self-leadership provides an opportunity to achieve your objectives through your own thinking, feelings, and behaviors.
    • Provide a complete assessment of yourself, identifying your strengths and weakness as a manager.
    • What strategies will you use to build your management capabilities?
  2. Managing and leading others
    • An effective leader has followers and inspires them. This relationship is mutually beneficial. Leaders and followers support each other in order to achieve goals, vision, or objectives.
    • How do you plan to inspire followership through the utilization of leadership and motivation theories?

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