Chapter 13 – financial statement analysis

   Chapter 13 – Financial Statement Analysis

Assemble the financial statements prepared for the City of Monroe. These financial statements will be in the solutions to Exercises 5–C, 6–C, 7–C, and 8–C. Assume a population of 30,000 and fair value of property in the amount of $350 million. Compute the following ratios, following the guidance used for the Village of Elizabeth in this chapter:

(1) Financial Position – Governmental Activities

(2) Financial Position – General Fund.

(3) Quick Ration – Governmental Activities

(4) Leverage – Primary Government

(5) Debt Coverage – Enterprise Funds

(6) Debt Service to Total Expenditures

(7) Debt per Capital – Primary Government

(8) Debt to Assessed Value of Property – Primary Government

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