Data modelling presented as a business report

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(JL/MIS202-A-v2.docx/21-Mar-14) Deakin University Faculty of Business & Law School of Information and Business Analytics MIS202 Managing Data and Information Assignment -Data modelling Due Date: Thursday 8th May at 1000 (GMT+10) Marks: 50% of the total assessment in this unit. Introduction This assignment is a group assignment, which is to be done in groups of three MIS202 students. The aim is to provide experience in the steps involved with the design of a simple database. The marks obtained for this exercise count as 50% of the aggregate continuous assessment marks for the semester. The proportion of marks for each task is shown below. Your group is strongly encouraged to commence this assignment by the end of the fifth week of semester, and you should progress thoughtfully through the steps. Hasty decisions made early in the design process may result in much more work later. Feel free to discuss concepts and ideas with peers and other groups, but remember your submission must be the work of your own group. Be careful not to allow anyone or any group to copy your work. The assignment must be submitted as soft copy in the form of a Microsoft Word or pdf document through CloudDeakin. You do not have to submit an actual database! Specification Barwon TaiChi is a small and dynamic business located in Geelong and Melbourne. It provides self-defence, fitness, and martial arts classes to individual of all ages, schools and organisations. More specifically, they provide training in Chi Kung fitness, various forms of Tai Chi chuan, Tai Chi fan, Tai Chi sword, KungFu Wushu such as Shaolin pole, Shaolin spear. It was started as a family business owned by Grand Masters David Sun and Vicky Greens and their children in Barwon early in 2000s. Over the last 12 years the business has increased in size and diversified. Now with about 20 masters, they run regular classes in seven locations including two in Geelong and five in Melbourne. The classes are scheduled around the Victorian…

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