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In your paper, you will review and include many of the areas you have studied in you degree program. Your paper should examine in detail many of the aspects of creating a great cybersecurity implementation. This examination needs to be comprehensive. 

Prepare a Word Document that contains the following:

  1. A thesis statement (Clearly indicating the type as per example)
    1. State your topic by way of a thesis statement.
    2. Expand on the topic with a one paragraph explanation of what you hope to accomplish with your paper. Understanding the purpose of your writing is an important step in writing well.
  2. A preliminary list of research references indicating your research
  3. Your paper should be 2–3 pages in length. It will include 10 – 15 research items, a thesis statement, and an explanatory paragraph.


You will already have developed a working thesis statement and some research on the topic in the previous unit. Outlining is the process of developing the paragraph structure and the actual paragraphs that will make up your paper.

The following steps outline a suggested process for creating an outline:

  1. Create an informal list of topics to be covered in the essay.
    1. This list can be a list of words or short phrases which will be refined during the creation of the full outline.
    2. Try not to list subtopics at this point.
    3. Most short essays have at least three to five main topics plus the introduction and conclusion paragraphs.
  2. Take the topics from the informal list and use those as main topics (i.e., Roman numeral level).
    1. Rewrite the phrases from the informal list to be more complete so that the main topic is easily understood even when read a week or two later.
    2. You might need to add more topics or combine like topics as you develop the outline.
  3. Analyze each main topic, determining what information needs to be presented.
    1. At this point, start developing the subtopics for each main topic.
    2. Subtopics may include examples, logic/arguments, details/descriptions, and definitions of key terms.
  4. Sort your sources and research to see which topics/subtopics they fall under.
    1. As you decide what research to use, put the information into the outline as subtopics.
    2. Be sure to note the source of the information in your outline so you can easily cite the information in the essay.
  5. Review the outline, looking for logical ordering of the topics.
    1. Organization options include chronological, building on the previous point, least important to most important, or argument/counterargument.
    2. Consider adding transitional words or phrases as subtopics in each section to realize the overall flow of the essay.
  6. Rely on the outline while writing the essay.
    1. If new ideas develop during the writing process, try keeping track of those ideas in a separate document, and then add them after the initial draft is complete if they are still relevant.
    2. If you encounter writer’s block, refer to the outline to help initiate the writing process with your original ideas.
    3. Using an outline allows you to write paragraphs out of sequence, such as when research or ideas become available, and then piece the paragraphs together in the order dictated by the outline.
    4. Your paper should be 2–3 pages in length. It will include 10 – 15 annotated references and a substantial outline of the eventual paper.



  • Continue your research.
  • Update your annotated reference list.
  • Develop a first draft for your final paper using the outline developed in the previous unit as your guide.

Assignment Instructions

Update your reference list to include any new material and to trim out any references that will not be part of your final paper. Write an initial draft of your paper; take note of organization and flow as well as the necessary comprehensive nature of the material presented.

Assignment Requirements

Your paper (draft) should be 8–10 pages in length. The organization of the paper should be directly related to and influenced by the outline provided in the previous part-2. It does not need to be in APA format at this time, but it is helpful and will save you time in your final rewrite.



The purpose of this Assignment is to revise your draft to create your final paper.

Assignment Instructions

  • Review and closely read your first draft.
  • Identify areas where flow, organization, evidence provided, and clarity can be achieved.
  • Update your first draft paper to your final version by making all appropriate changes.
  • Make sure full APA guidelines are followed and that the reference list reflects the actual content of the paper.
  • Ensure that inline evidence, quotes, and paraphrased material (no more than 20%) are fully referenced.

Assignment Requirements

Your paper should be 8–10 pages in length. The organization of the paper should be directly related to and influenced by the outline provided in the previous Unit. The final paper is noticeably improved from the first draft submitted in the previous Unit.

the paper should be 8–10 pages in length with APA format

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