English language learners flyer | Education homework help

 1. Go to:  The Office of Language Acquisition


2.  Download a copy of the English  Learner Toolkit

3.  Review the content


Your principal has asked you to prepare a resource in the form of a two-page flyer for parents of English Language Learners.  This flyer will be posted to your school’s website to guide parents and families to become well versed in all that your school and perhaps your county has to offer second language learners. Provide strategies that connect to the classroom and identify methods to reduce cross-cultural barriers between the students, the parents,  and the school.  Discuss how you will share your information with various stakeholders in the community. This is your time to share your knowledge of cultural sensitivity, language development, and resources with your school to create a community and culture of inclusivity.

You may include pictures, hyperlinks, videos, and links to additional resources on your flyer.  

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