Essay 4 | American history homework help


Read the two excerpts, from Martin Luther King, jr. and from the Southern Manifesto on pages 970 and 971 in Eric Foner’s Give Me Liberty!  ALSO read the exchange between Charles Cobb and Danielle McGuire from The American Prospect []

Write a one page, typed, double-spaced paper on any ONE of these pieces.  

Here’s what you need to do in this one page: identify who is speaking, identify when and why, identify why your excerpt or exchange is being written at that particular moment in history; offer an assessment of the excerpt AND how it affects your understanding of the Civil Rights Movement.  You can argue whatever you want in this assessment.  As in the papers in the first half of the course, include at least one quote.

This assignment is due on Blackboard by the beginning of class on Thursday April 5th.  If need be, you can hand in a hard copy in class.

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