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Ageism/Elder Rights

A. Global Human Rights Issue Research Paper #2: 175 pts

The third assignment of the Global Human Rights Issue Project is the second paper of 5-6 pages (1500 – 1800 words) that shifts to discussing the protection and promotion of human rights regarding the global human rights issue discussed in your first paper. After examining the nature and significance of the issue in the first paper, your research now concentrates on problem-solving. Based on the first portion of the project, what remedies already have been, and should be, pursued to address the human rights problem? Specifically, 

1. What international legal documents exist relevant for addressing the issue/problem? Are such remedies sufficient to address the problem?

2. What international governmental institutions – IGOs, courts, etc. exist relevant for addressing the issue/problem, and what have they accomplished?

3. What international NGOs exist relevant for addressing the issue/problem, and what have they accomplished?

4. In a well-developed conclusion, explore the specific changes/recommendations that you would make for the international community and individuals to better protect and promote this particular global human rights issue in the future.

The relevant sources from your previous assignments, and others that you have identified since then, should be the basis of this research paper. A complete bibliography of all sources consulted should be included.

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