External environment (including efas) | Management homework help


o you know ( EFAS, IFAS, SFAS, and TOWS Matrix) ?

it should be 13 pages long double space

Use any sources needed and they have to be websites sources *and you should cited them in the paper *! 
The company is 
“Town Sports International Holdings”

But if you use the information from the case please write ( book) next to the sentence.

Easy English and u have to write it because u wrote the first one

( EFAS, IFAS, SFAS, want them in  Exell
And TOWS Matrix want it as a table

I know I dont have to say but this is my graduation course please make sure no plagiarism+ cite sources with websites links + make sure for the external and internal factors with all easy English + 13 pages without sources

The factors will be in the paper but the IFAS and other will be in excel right?The requirement is External Environment (including EFAS) 

Okay most importantly no Plagiarism and easy English

Yes only websites sources no books. 
Make sure to cite the book after the sentence or so

And cite the ( website links )

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