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 As part of course, students will have to complete a report on “The Gold Mine.” “The Gold Mine” presents a method for stream lining factories and supply chains. It suggests that management practices of the past need improvement to regain competitiveness. Finally, the text presents a solution that can be universally applied to a wide range of organizations for achieving rapid improvements in business performance. Logistics is all about completing projects and improving processes. I found this book to have vital insights into “Lean Organizations”. This assignment requires the students to summarize the main themes of the book (2 pages) and to apply the main themes to real experiences in previous jobs, military exercises, or service experiences (2 pages). The total paper should be 3 to 4 pages (Max!) excluding a cover page (double space). The report is to be turned in on the day of class specified in the syllabus. Part of good writing is getting feedback from someone who can help you with your writing. Each student is required to have the school writing center read his/her paper before submitting it.  

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