For this assignment, in 4-6 pages design a pilot program and

Throughout the past few weeks, you have been working on the many components of your Community Needs Assessment. You identified the top health problems in your community to propose a local health initiative. Then, you conducted a detailed SWOT analysis for your initiative. This week, you propose a pilot program to evaluate your initiative. The Assignment For this Assignment, in 4-6 pages design a pilot program and evaluation to address community needs for your Final Project initiative proposal. In your Assignment, be sure to include the following items: •Description of your proposed program that you developed in Weeks 3 and 6 •Description of your proposed pilot program ◦Describe a small scale program that will help to determine the feasibility of your final project ◦Describe how many participants, staff, volunteers, and organizations will be involved •Description of your proposed evaluation of the pilot program including a tool (Six Sigma, TQM, etc…) to improve the proposed piloted processes ◦You may also develop a survey, use focus groups, or interviews for the evaluation process •Description of what other health care organizations and/or nongovernmental organizations have done to address your initiative

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