Helen erickson theory | FNP

  Prepare a PowerPoint presentation with NO more than 15 slides.

1. Theorist Helen Erickson  – Biographical (brief) review                                                                                                     

 2. Theory                                                                                                                                                                

a. Full title

b. Year of publication (if you cannot find the specific year, you can offer the decade)

 c. Description

   1. To Whom is it addressed?

    2. What are the main assumptions of the theory? (Briefly)

    3. Concepts

     a.  What are the elements or concepts that this theory uses?

   b. Mention or Listed them (concepts) and what is their definition within the theory (definition gave by the Theorist)

  3. Conclusion

               a. Describe a situation where the constructs of this theory can be applied.

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