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( please use the link  “https://openstax.org/details/books/us-history”  to direct to the textbook and finish the task) Write an essay that explores and analyzes the origins of slavery (1620 – 1720) in the American Colonies. How and why did it develop (discuss indentured servitude and the creation of race-based slavery)? What were the rationalizations of those who supported the institution? What were the effects on the slaves? How was the trade conducted? How did the institution of slavery affect the economic and social development differently from colony to colony? (5 pages)

Explain your answers using specific evidence from all of our sources – primary and secondary.

Sources: For this essay you are to rely on the textbook (Do not use outside sources, you need to use every source that i attached below.)

Writing: Be sure that your essay includes an introduction (that sets the historical context), a thesis (that makes a historically relevant argument), a set of well-crafted body paragraphs (including analytical topic sentences that explain events rather than describes them and has evidence to support your thesis), as well as a well-crafted conclusion that ties up your essay and historical argument. The questions are meant to inform your thesis and all questions should be answered in it. You should not simply answer questions as paragraphs.

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