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 Assignment 3: Group Project Reflection Paper Due: Sunday, Midnight of Week 7 (5% of total course grade) Instructions This is an individual assignment. It is an opportunity for you to look back on the Group Project experience and think about what worked well and what presented the most challenges. This is not just a summary of your findings and your recommendations, but a synopsis of your experiences in going through the process. In your paper, address the following: 1. In what ways did the group project serve as a model for building a guiding coalition, and in what ways did it differ? 2. How can your insights into these similarities and differences help you build effective guiding coalitions in your own workplace? 3. What surprised you most about the priorities and challenges that surfaced in the group discussions? Think specifically about the different needs and perspectives the group members brought, and how these were influenced by the type and size of the organizations they worked for and the markets they competed in. 4. Even if the focus area your team worked on does not exactly align to a change initiative you’d like to implement in your team, what did you learn from the process of planning the change that can help you improve your HR team and drive the success of the organization? Professional Formatting and Submission Requirements:  Typed, double-spaced, professional font (size 10-12), including headings and subheadings (to identify main topics and subtopics), with one-inch margins on all sides.  Include a cover page containing the title of the assignment, your name, the professor’s name, the course title, and the date.  The maximum length is 2 pages, excluding your cover page. 

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