I need help with an archeology homework essay. please see below.

See attached assignment instruction pdf document and follow the following instructions as well:

At the end, read 4, 5 and 6, not just 5 and 6 as noted in this assignment.  Remember, this is due on the Sunday after Thanksgiving, but it’s not a terribly difficult assignment and you can easily do it before.  Upload it into the link provided.

You can number each of the questions that I have for you.  Then ctrl+enter to create a hard page break and begin your essay there.

At the end of the questions.  Please insert a hard page break (ctrl+enter) and start your essay on the new page. The essay will be 3-4 pages, describing your understanding of historical archaeology, comparing/contrasting prehistoric to historic archaeology (goals, methods, approaches, problems, etc). Then addressing the historian’s comments and finally finding a site that is comparable to Jamestown.  When I say comparable…I mean find a site that people believed (because of historic documents) that had a good understanding of the site and its circumstances, but due to modern archaeological research, that view has changed.  You can totally google that — you do not have to research it.  If that is too difficult to find, at least locate a site that archaeology has clarified a lot of what we know.  

See attached reference documents.

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