Identity and attribution in intercultural communication

Identity and Attribution in Intercultural Communication

Please read the following article about identity and attribution and respond to the content. See attached document to the article below.

  • Who are we? an evolving sense of identity is changing the socio- political scene, writes clarence tsui. (2007, Jun 11). South China Morning Post Retrieved

Please answer the following:

  • 1. What is the difference between culture and ethnicity?
  • 2. Isn’t ethnicity one aspect of cultural identity? How do those in Hong Kong view themselves, though the majority are Chinese?
  • 3. How might that compare to Americans who are Texans (for example)?
  • 4. What are the divisive cultural identity issues here in the United States?
  • 5. Does the motto, “E pluribus unum” (“one out of many”) have significance in a modern multicultural society?

Instructions: please answer all 5 questions accordingly. Each answer should have the question re-typed following the answer. A minimum of 450 words in all excluding the re-typed questions and a minimum of 3 references needed.

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