Management information systems ppt and draft documentation

subject name: management information systems



For this week your team will be creating a power point on Management Information Systems. It would be best to pick a company to talk about as the usually makes it easier and more fun. For example you can talk about the UPS Worldport system, or Amazon robots and how management information systems makes all this work. Please, don’t everyone pick UPS or Amazon, in fact DO NOT, they are just an example and we don’t want to hear from 8 groups on the same topic. So I won’t mention other companies but you can easily name a lot, and probably find some good videos to go along with your presentation.

Please try to keep presentation to 30 slides per student



Slide requirements:

1. Bullet points only! No paragraphs. If you need to discuss put it in the presenters notes section. 

 2. All references go at the end of the presentation. 

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