Market a product | Human Resource Management homework help

in this assignment you will cover the: 

1- Initial Leverage Strategy. 

2- Outline of Initial Launching/Sales Tactics. 

see the attachments for more information. Also there is a best example under “TeachersAid BoomStart Plan” file,  you can use to help. 

the Product overview

PakPak is a modular backpacking backpack designed to help adventurers explore the world’s beauty. Users can customize their pack through different attachable pockets, that serve different purposes. Some pockets include electronic charging pocket, camera pocket, jacket pocket, inflatable camp pillow, concealed weapons pocket, snack pocket and first aid pocket.

Essentially, a user buys a base pack, and the various attachable pockets that he wants and needs. The user then attaches or detaches the pockets he needs. The user gets to customize their pack to fit their needs.

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