Marketing activity homework | Marketing homework help


¡  Read Company Case: “Trap-Ease America” (MML); pdf is posted on Bb

¡  Fully answer ONE (1) of the assigned questionsregarding this case (shown below).
State not only “What” you think, but“Why” you think so.

¡  DO NOT EXCEED one double-spaced, typewritten page.

¡  Be prepared to discuss your answers in class.


1.    Who is identified as the target market for Trap-Ease?  Are there other possible markets that the firm could – or should – target?  Identify at least one other and why YOU think it could be a better market than what Martha chose.

2.    The case does not explain how Martha and her team selected their target market.  Assuming that you are now responsible for marketing at the company, how would YOU analyze the market for Trap-Ease?  What research would YOU perform and WHY?

3.    What marketing mix elements (i.e., the 4 Ps) has Trap-Ease established?  Identify at least two elements and what problems (if any) you see with what Martha’s team has done so far?



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