Mis 600 all individual discussions week 1 – 7


MIS 600 Information Systems Capstone – DeVry


MIS 600 Week 1 Individual Discussion Capstone Project Idea

Discuss potential capstone project ideas and your thoughts on why it would be a good project. What are some concerns you would have for this type of project?


MIS 600 Week 2 Individual Discussion Milestone 1

What makes a good Executive Summary? How is it different from the Project Charter or the Value Statement?


MIS 600 Week 3 Individual Discussion Milestone 2

What is the best way to document business requirements and rules?


MIS 600 Week 4 Individual Discussion Milestone 3

Can you explain the difference between data and entity models, data flow diagrams and process models?


MIS 600 Week 5 Individual Discussion Milestone 4

The system alternative assessment section sets the tone for the rest of the project. Why do we look at alternatives before we look at technical requirements?


MIS 600 Week 6 Individual Discussion Milestone 5

When we do a risk analysis, why is it important to be as specific as possible? What should or should not be included in this analysis?


MIS 600 Week 7 Individual Discussion Final Project Document 

The Final Project Document brings all six milestones together into one, integrated document. What are some ways to make the document more professional?

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