Music question true or false

Answer T for True or F for False (write clearly!)

16._____ Romantic music is characterized by order, objectivity, and harmonious proportion.

17._____ Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, were members of the Parisian school

18._____ The Classical melody is singable and lyrical

19._____All Classical music-making revolved around public ticket sales

20._____During the Classical period, women did not hold court positions as musicians and teachers 

21._____The Romantic Period is the golden age of chamber music

22._____The string quartet consists of 2 violins, viola, cello and basso continuo

23._____Beethoven worked under the patronage of the Esterházy court.

24._____Mozart was a child prodigy who started to write music before the age of five.

25._____The French Revolution destroyed the middle- class

26._____The Industrial Revolution spurred many technical advances in musical instruments

27._____ Classical composers used nationalistic, folkloric, and exotic subjects.

­­­­­28._____ Romantic composers used richly expressive harmony, and broad, expanded forms.

29._____During the Romantic Period, women musicians excelled as performers, teachers, composers, music patrons

­­­30._____The Lied is French for solo voice and piano

31._____Absolute instrumental music depicts a literary or pictorial association

32._____Political unrest throughout Europe stimulated schools of nationalistic composers

33._____Dates for the Classical Period are 450-1450

34._____Dates for the Romantic Period are 1750-1820

35._____The idée fixe was used by Berlioz

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