Painting analysis | Architecture and Design homework help








  • 5-6 pages descriptive analysis of painting
  • 12 new roman numeral
  • double spaced
  • 3RD person objective form
  • painting is located in the Musuem of Fine Arts om the Exhibition Hiro: Photographs called Kelly Steward, New York 1994
  • several pictures of painting will be provided below


  • emphasis of this paper is placed on your assessment of the formal elements of the work , compositional design, the technical accomplishment of the artist and the complexity of the medium under the influence of the period of time when the work was executed


  • DETAILED instructions will be provided below please read them CAREFULLY – There are three parts to this Painting Analysis ; Formal analysis, Subject Matter and Interpretation
  • Complete ALL three parts and answer ALL questions provided


  • This is not a research paper rather a test of your visual acuity and your ability to use appropriate vocabulary – NO Research and therefore NO works cited –
  • Can use the information of the exhibit label and the information about HIRO photographs – PROVIDED BELOW-  in the paper












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