Penn foster exam 007500rr the middle ages and the renaissance

Penn Foster Exam




1. Which instrument’s parts were never notated in the Middle Ages?

A. Bagpipe

B. Drums

C. Trumpet

D. Lute


2. Native American chant incorporates meaningless sung syllables called _______, which serve as a form of melodic instrument.

A. vocables

B. duple meters

C. drone basses

D. pulses


3. Whereas today we have only two modes (major and minor), medieval composers had _______ additional modes.

A. five

B. four

C. six

D. three


4. An example of a percussion instrument is the

A. drum.

B. violin.

C. lute.

D. shawm.


5. Which song exemplifies four-voice Renaissance polyphony, with each voice playing an equally important role?

A. “My Lord Help Me to Pray”

B. “Since Robin Hood”

C. “Sing Joyfully”

D. “The Cricket”


6. What invention during the Renaissance period enabled people to purchase music for their own personal use?

A. Electronic recording

B. Faster delivery service

C. Instruments for trained transcription workers

D. Printing press


7. Rhyme singing is an African American _______, which means that it combines different forms of belief and practice.

A. imitation

B. counterpoint

C. intonation

D. syncretism


8. Smooth, stepwise movement within a melodic phrase, subphrase, or statement is known as

_______ motion.

A. chordal

B. harmonic

C. tonal

D. conjunct


9. Which one of the following was one of the most popular instruments in Medieval and Renaissance times and occasionally involved the use of plectrum to play it?

A. Lute

B. Vielle

C. Shawm

D. Organ portative


10. _______ music is closely associated with the Rastafarian religion.

A. Calypso

B. Reggae

C. Secular

D. Anthem


11. If you’re studying the science of sound, you’re studying which of the following?

A. Pitch

B. Wavelength

C. Acoustics

D. Frequency


12. Roy will play a melody in triple meter and place the pulse of the meter on the first beat. Chuck will play the triple meter melody and place the pulse of the meter on the third beat. Who is playing the melody with the correct pulse?

A. Neither is playing the melody correctly.

B. Chuck

C. Both are playing the melody correctly.

D. Roy


13. A/An _______ is the interval between two pitches of the same name.

A. interval

B. whole step

C. melody

D. octave


14. Renaissance composers used which of the following to create polyphonic textures?

A. Elision

B. Ternary forms

C. Word-painting

D. Counterpoint


15. _______ is the predominant form of music in Native North American Indian culture.


A. Madrigal

B. Secular song

C. Calypso

D. Chant

16. Von Bingen’s Play of Virtues is set to which of the following types of music?

A. Liturgical plainchant

B. Harmonic

C. Orchestral

D. Madrigal


17. A measured performance that adheres consistently to the duple meter would be read as

A. 1-2-3-4.

B. 1-2-3-4.

C. 1-2-3.

D. 1-2-3-4.


18. The basic framework for ordering music through time is the

A. phrase.

B. meter.

C. syllable.

D. value.


19. until about the _______ century, music was transmitted orally, not in written form.

A. tenth

B. thirteenth

C. twelfth

D. eleventh


20. Who of the following wrote a morality play that could be likened to Star Wars and Lord of the Rings?

A. William Byrd

B. Guillaume de Machaut

C. Hildegard von Bingen


D. Thomas Weelkes

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