Please use simple english and deliberately keep some grammar and word


  • Type of service: Research Proposal
  • Academic level: Undergraduate (1st and 2nd year)
  • Word count:600 words excluding reference list
  • Course name:Alternative media
  • Citation style:APA
  • Number of sources:3
  • Project Title/Topic:

Research Proposal on Major Paper plus Annotated Bibliography on 3 Scholarly Sources

  • Paper details/Instructions:

Dear writer,

In this order, you need to write 1 page proposal plus 1 page annotated bibliography with 3 sources

There are topics that listed in the attachment “MDSC61-W2019_MajorPaper”, you can decide the topic.

I also upload the “syllabus” for your use.

Instructions for Research Proposal and Annotated Bibliography
Your proposal should provide a brief outline of the topic you intend to explore in your final. A good proposal does three things: (1) it should identify and describe the primary research question animating your investigation; (2) it should provide a justification for why this question is relevant within the context of this course; and, (3) it should provide an outline of how your paper proposes to investigate this question. The annotated bibliography should have 3 scholarly sources, none of which are assigned as course readings (you can use course readings and/or non-scholarly as sources for your final paper, but NOT for the proposal). Each should provide a properly formatted bibliographic entry bibliographic entry, a brief summary of the source, and a brief description of how it is appropriate to your chosen research topic.

Please use simple English and deliberately keep some grammar and word choice mistake in the paper.

Thanks a lot.

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