Racial stereotypes, discrimination andinequalities in the u.s


Using the two articles posted to our course Moodle page, provide an analysis of Racial Stereotypes, Discrimination andInequalities in the U.S. to understand human behavior.The analysis must be based in at least one of the following techniques or modes of analysis: https://youressaymarket.com/im-working-on-a-health-medical-discussion-question-and-need-support-to-help-m-41/
•Compare/Contrast(point-by-point or block style). Cite similarities and differences among the articles while keeping the focus of your paper on the topic above.

•Causal Analysis (show causes and effects involved in the phenomenon’s appearance and impact). Examinehow racial stereo types and/or discrimination lead to inequalities in the United States. Be explicit and cite evidence from both articles.
•Future Orientation(show implications of the phenomenon’s persistence). Using both resources; discuss how racial stereo
types, discrimination and inequalities may continue to persist in our society, and what may be done to help alleviate these inequalities in the future. https://weassistessays.com/a-3000-4000-word-individual-written-essay-on-one-of-the-casethe-following-que/

•Socio-historical analysis(demonstrate through a historical analysis of the phenomenon in our society). Howhas America’spast affected the present?Discuss historical racial stereotypes, discrimination and inequalities in the U.S., and how they have helped to shape our current situation.Technical Requirements:•Include a separate title page (standard font size) with the paper’s title, your name, course name and number (e.g. SOC-205Social Stratification and SocialSystems), and the term and year (e.g. Winter2021).

•VERY IMPORTANT: your name must appear only on the title page (for grading purposes)and not any of the other pages (for anonymous assessment purposes)
.•Two to four pages (not including the title page), double-spaced, 750 minimum word count.

•Standard fonts and margins.•In-page references to bothresources are required(please see the section on “in-text citations” in the ASA Style Guidepdf posted to our course Moodle pagefor examples).  https://convenienthomeworkhelpers.com/to-preparereview-the-resources-for-this-module-and-consider-the-principles-of-p-2/
•Introduce the phenomenon and your chosen contributing factors in the introduction (i.e.briefly discussing the topic and why things are the way they are).
•Analyze the phenomenon in the body of the paper.•Conclude with the insights drawn from your work in the body of the paper (i.e. briefly discuss the key take-aways from your paper)

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