Seminar —- cross-cultural exchange in the global context( chinese

Your seminar presentation is to show your ability to (1) deploy A SET OF ARTWORKS (by Chinese artists since 1900) as selected and arranged by you in a form of an art exhibition, (2) analyze the messages or meanings that you see in the artworks, and (3) explain how these artworks induce/suggest/imply what you see in them as a coherent set which is related to one of the special topics (as listed in the course outline) as chosen by you. 

Your role is like a curator of a museum/gallery. In other words, your presentation is to foreground/illustrate what you see (meanings and messages) in this coherent set of artworks and how you see what you see. You should apply terminologies and concepts (in the lectures and readings of the course) in your analysis which can demonstrate how well you understand them in relation to your selected artworks. You DO need to analyze the formal/visual and contextual elements of the artworks, e.g. the artistic features, artist’s background, social political context of the painting, etc. in order to review this coherent set of artworks and to reveal their messages/meanings in relation to your chosen special topic. 

You should treat your seminar presentation as a platform showing off your ability to do the above requirements. If you only repeat what is already discussed in the readings or lectures, your presentation could not demonstrate your capability of attaining a high level of originality and synthesis after mulling over the materials. 

You can earn extra points if you involve your audience in your discussion of the Seminar Topic. 

***Remarks: Bring your own USB stick for doing your presentation. Do NOT rely on using online files in order to avoid problems of accessing the Internet. 

Grading System (please refer to the assessment form for further details) 

A: thoroughly analyze what the messages/meanings of the artworks as a coherent set in which you illustrate what you see and how you see them in relation to scholarly ideas/concepts/understandings of the points you put forth. 

You don’t have to do the presentation just write as a doc format. Analysis the art work you pick after you finish two readings, and follow the above directions, upload the picture of art works you pick as attachment. 

Plz read the readings and the IMPORTANT notes from instructor.

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