Service oriented architecture (soa) plan


BSA 530 Week 2 Learning Team IT Business Solution

As a team, select a mid-sized company of your choice that needs an IT business solution. Choose carefully because your team will use this company and its needs for the remaining team assignments. Create 3 to 4 PowerPoint® slides that define the business, the need, and the solution including:
• A description of the business
• A description of some of the key business needs in terms of reliability, availability, scalability, and performance (RASP) examples are payroll, accounts receivable, and customer data
• A description of the IT business solution for one of the needs Submit your assignment using the Assignment Files tab. SupportingMaterial:Learning Team Instructions: IT Business Solution Proposal

BSA 530 Week 2 Individual Assignment Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Plan
GTI is pleased with the results of your research in Week One and has firmly decided to move forward with Oracle® Enterprise Application. GTI would also like to learn more about hardware options. Write a 2- to 3-page architecture plan to use Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), to achieve reliability, availability, scalability, and performance (RASP), as compared to more traditional architecture at GTI. Submit your assignment using the Assignment Files tab. SupportingMaterial:Individual Project Instructions: GTI Enterprise Application Solution

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