Small business management (create a business development project)

Work must be 100% authentic!!!!

Small Businesses generally account for more than 90% of GDP in each country. For this reason, understanding the differences among SB and big Corporations is important. And making sure you understand how to plan the growth and control the return of the investment of SBs will prove fundamental if you some day manage one of them.

You should develop a report on a Small Business development project. It can be:

  • your Start-up or a SB you would like to work for (Business or start-up must be operating in Spain) or the establishment of a new subsidiary of a corporation in Spain, a franchise opening in Spain. 

Your report should include:

 1. Cover page

2. Table of Contents

3. A Brief summary / background to the case

4. An introduction to the Sector/Industry the SB operates in.

5. An analysis of the key issues facing the organization, including internal and external challenges arising. (also add SWOT and PESTEL )

6. Review of past performance of the company and recommendations and process enhancements to be implemented.

7. A timeline of the actions proposed and the enhancements required. ( include actions at functional areas like marketing plan, operations plan, legal, tax , labor, organization Structure, IT, economic-financial.

8. Bibliography and references, using Harvard style recommendations.

Key Criteria for Achieving a High Grade:

Structure and organization of the report.

Use and application of key concepts, theories, and models.

Evidence of research undertaken, including relevant, current data relating to the selected company/organization. Conclusions and recommendations arising from the research undertaken.

Use of graphics, diagrams and images to help communicate ideas

Word count: 2.000-2.500 words

Cover, Table of Contents, References and Appendix are excluded from the total word count.

References and in-text citations in Harvard style.

Learning Outcomes: It assesses the following learning outcomes:

• Distinguish the characteristics, competences and contributions of small businesses, as well as their challenges.

• Explain key components of the strategic management of growth to small business contexts

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