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Your company, Patrician LLC, develops wireless transmission technology.  Upper management has decided to move the headquarters and primary operations to Tucson, Arizona and create a disaster recovery site in a newly purchased building in Cheyenne, Wyoming.  

Patrician, LLC, while most of its technology is for the civilian market, has one Research and Development unit that is developing a secure microburst technology for use in the military market.  This unit is made up of many people that do not currently live in either Cheyenne or Tucson and the company has no plans to force their relocation to Tucson.

Both buildings are 3 floors in height and have approximately 150,000 square feet.  As the senior CISSP, you have been tasked with designing the network solution with both functionality and usability in mind.

Further specificationscompany requirements:

  • The two buildings will be considered identical (so you do not have to explain it twice – just reference that they are mirrors or however you wish to get the point across) 
  • Cheyenne, WY site is a hot site for business continuitydisaster recovery 
  • There needs to be a constant connection between the buildings with no less than 32 Mbps throughput 
  • There will be a datacenter in each location on the third floor
  • There will be 100 network connections on each floor
  • There are 4 primary divisions in the company:  HeadquartersAdministration, SalesCustomer support, Research and Development (this division includes the secure microburst group) and Information Technology
  • The members of the secure microburst research group that do not live in Tucson need to be able to connect to the primary datacenter at any time
  • Physical security as well as logical must be considered
  • There are file servers, database servers, corporate webservers and external sales webservers and all must have high-availability
  • All servers must have redundancy (both physical and how they are configured)
  • The solution should have a plan to verify security measures

Case requirements:


  • You should submit a network drawing listing the topology (or topologies if more than one is used) and it should include also list the hardware (only generally – no models, brands, etc. are necessary)
  • You should include a paper that contains the following:
    • List any recommended cable and where it will be used
    • Recommend wiring closets wherever needed
    • Recommend any WAN or wireless technologies
    • Recommend measures to take to protect against attack, to prevent attacks and to let you know when you are being attacked
    • Recommend and describe logical traps to stop attackers
    • Justify your recommendations 

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