Union representation memo | Human Resource Management homework help

Assignment must be written to the rubric that is attached.   

You have recently joined an organization in an entry level HR position. The organization is now subject to union representation. You have been asked by your supervisor to write a brief memo for your HR colleagues that provides an overview of the expectations for managing human resources in a unionized environment. Your memo must address the following:

A. The differences, from the organization’s perspective, in operating in a union-free environment versus a unionized environment

B. The rights of the union, management, and employees

C The impacts of the union on human resource functions, including

Work restructuring 

Performance Management

Employee Discipline and Job Security

Wages and Benefits

Health and Safety

D. Any costs the organization may expect based upon these impacts

Use headings to separate the sections of the paper, double-space, and Times New Roman font, cover page, page numbers, and APA format.

Support your answers! In responding, you must use five references including three from the course materials. They should be from a scholarly journal or credible news source from within the past three years. At least three should be from course materials.

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