Use online sources to learn/review the theories of covalent bonding.


Use  online sources to learn/review the theories of covalent bonding.


Remember to cite your sources in APA style


Describe the valence bond (VB) approach to chemical bonding and the molecular orbital (MO) theory

Demonstrate hybridization of atomic orbitals for VB & MO

Correlate the molecular shape to the hybrid atomic orbitals of some central atoms.

Combine the concepts of hybrid orbitals, valence bond theory, VSEPR, resonance structures, and octet rule to describe the shapes and structures of some common molecules.


Compare and contrast the VB theory and the MO theory by applying at least two chemical compounds; the central themes of both theories; hybridization, Hund’s rule, Lewis Structures, the VSEPR theory. Resonance, molecular shapes and polarity.

350 words only

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