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This is a dissection homework 600- 800 words should be .

MLA style.

Read the articles will send it to your email it is 6 pages.

Follow the roles Down please.

Before participating in this discussion board, read (and re-read, if necessary…hint, college reading often requires multiple readings and note-taking for sufficient comprehension) the three articles you will be focused on in this assignment (by Turkle, Gillam and Wooden, and Kilbourne).


In your first post, which is due by Friday night, 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time, write 600-800 words or more total and discuss what you find to be interesting, problematic, compelling, curious, or engaging about each of the three required readings. As you discuss each reading, try to focus more on developing an analysis instead of relying on summary (we’ve all read the articles, so there is no need to rehash them for us). As you find points to focus on, explain what you found interesting and why. Be sure to develop a sufficient amount of discussion on each reading, instead of allowing your conversation to be dominated by one reading (you need to show you’ve read and thought about each reading).

For one reading, in addition to your comments, pose an an analytical question for your readers to respond to. See the attachment for some ideas for asking such a question (compare these two questions, for example: 1) What is an analytical question? and 2) In what ways do analytical questions stretch students’ thinking? Only one of these seeks to start a conversation, which is what we want).

After you make your first post, please then respond to two or more students’ analytical questions (100-150 words each or more) by Sunday night at 11:59 p.m.. Additionally, you are strongly encouraged to reply briefly (50-100 words or more) to responses to your initial post.

Points for the discussion board will be based on 1) posting on time, 2) posting a sufficient amount of words, 3) posting coherently and analytically, 4) contributing to the overall conversation in a manner that is clear, respectful, and thought-provoking, and 5) posting writing that is spell-checked and written in complete sentences.

Since this is a discussion board, I’m not concerned about MLA Style, though please do use in-text citations to indicate page numbers if you quote or paraphrase a reading.

Asking Analytical Question-1.docx

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